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UK Cycle Ride

Hello, a bit about me. I am 72 this year and have lived vertically all my life in Devon, I worked at the Donkey Sanctuary for some 25 years.
About two months ago I came up with one of my cunning plans, go for cycle holiday, then I had a second cunning plan, raise money for two charities.
While I am doing the easy bit, cycling the route highlighted in blue, my friends are doing the really hard bit of thinking of ways to raise money, I’ll also be helping with the fundraising as well but that does sound like too much thinking which is too hard for me.

Muscular Dystrophy UK

I am trying to help raise money for Muscular dystrophy which a good friend of mine suffers from.

My Name’5 Doddie

Fundraising for My Name’5 Doddie Foundation cycling 2331 miles up and down the uk, 28 March 2024

Cycling for Charity: Exploring UK’s Beauty on Two Wheels

Follow My Blue Route Adventure!

Exeter Race Course

Cycling Through the UK: A Visual Diary

Join me on a captivating journey through the UK’s stunning landscapes. My gallery offers a glimpse into the exhilarating experience of cycling through picturesque villages, coastal roads, and countryside vistas.

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Join My Adventure Blog!

Explore the UK’s scenic wonders with me on my blog! From quaint villages to stunning coastlines, follow my cycling adventures as I uncover the beauty of this picturesque country. Get inspired, get involved, and let’s pedal through the UK together!

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Malcolm Salter

Middle of sunny Devon